The psychological impact of color on people had been seen in ancient times. In the ninth century France were first stained glass windows. They were made primarily for churches, and traces the very interesting pattern. Darkest and overwhelming temples were considered, which were built stained glass windows of dark glass. But churches and church fair, on the contrary, raised the spirit of the congregation. And the important role played here sunlight, wafting through the blue, pink and yellow glass.

At the same time it was noticed and therapeutic effect of red. It was believed that it protects against plague, cholera and smallpox. Escaping from these diseases, people dressed in red clothes, slept on a red lingerie and red spruce from the dishes. All this would seem ridiculous if red does not really cured the infection. And it proved a Dane, who afterwards for his discovery won a Nobel Prize.

Dane Niels Finzin long time he lived in Iceland. It was there that he drew attention to the impact on people has sunlight, appearing for the eternal clouds. As a medical student he began his experiments, and one day made a statement about the opening of drugs against smallpox. It was the end / X century, so defiant of the Dane just laughed. Patients with smallpox, Finzin put in a room with red curtains, and window space left on the sunny side. It would seem that there is nothing more futile. Meanwhile, patients recovered faster and easier, they had very little scarring. “Red House” Finzina were used throughout Europe.

Then it was made many discoveries about the impact of visible light on the psychology and the subconscious. It turned out that the red and orange tones and stimulate, increase blood pressure. With the help of violet light spectrum can be treated with lupus. Blue – relaxes and slows mental processes. And green has a mild relaxing effect, reduces tension of the visual system, normalizes blood pressure. Irradiation with green light shows and allergies – this reduces itching and swelling. Light therapy practice and in medical centers and beauty salons. So let’s brought color and light color in our house! Especially since it’s so beautiful. And so simple.

Lightweight translucent curtains and vibrant textile blinds. And in the summer – one, and in winter – others. After all, change the curtains from time to time – the fastest and easiest way to change the interior. If your room overlooks the south side, the summer sun, passing through a blue or light blue shutters, will fill your room with a cold light. In winter, your window may flame red, orange or yellow glow of joy. And if you do lighting curtains from the window, then this pattern of colors you can contemplate in the dark. Especially because in our climate, night time to spare. Sometimes it seems that the court did not even dawn. And, you can weave a curtain of beads or glass beads. Or of bright glass beads. Let fabulous hanging threads.

Those who want to make a window on forged bars, we must think about the details of stained glass, inserted in these lattices. These pieces of glass fit into the black grid pattern with bright lights and you will please even the most gray overcast day. And in the windows, and in the lattices, partitions, and at the head of the bed or wrought-iron furniture another. Besides forging gives stunning beauty of a shadow on the near plane, and your shadow is still with color and highlights. Only need to properly illuminate.

Colorful stained glass – is an art and requires a specially highlighted places, besides it’s not cheap. But if the usual shelf to put a vase with colored glass and think about the light illuminating the side of these vases or below, the resulting effect will be quite as good. This composition, but rather a collection of vases, bottles or colored figurines you can collect for a long time, brought from distant (or near) travels, picking up things with just one color or set to impress the audience iridescent play of the entire solar spectrum. Vases can be grouped and rearranged, to work with them as a painter to the palette. Nicely on a shelf will be glass goblets or glasses, but in an unusual, or even lying upside-down form. This shelf can think with an exposure and a window on a window sill or above. Backlight can not do, just open the window is already problematic. This solution for the winter.

And you can make psevdovitrazhi and at home, choosing to do any of the following ways.

METHOD 1. Need to work smalt glass – small pieces of opaque colored glass. They can be found in “Products for Artists.” Smalti on one sheet of glass spread conceived picture, and then set carefully not to budge, close the second sheet of glass. The resulting package is fixed stained metal or wooden frame. Or figure out colored smalt typed on one sheet of glass and fixed with a transparent synthetic glue, for example supermomenta. Of course, these stained-glass opacity on more like a mosaic.

METHOD 2. Figure of stained glass windows cast recruited from the – elements of ornament, which are fastened together polymer resin. This stained glass rather unstable, it is best done from a small panel or hanging on the window.

METHOD 3. When a sheet of transparent glass painted with special paints that are sold in art shops. on a pre-planned lines of the figure. Once the paint dries a little, stained glass is fired according to the instructions that came with the paint.

And, of course, it would be good not to be afraid of color and make a bright color scheme of the room in general. Wallpaper or paint. But that’s another story.